Training and services NEWEN

  1. General inspection of machine function and condition.
  2. Checking the geometry of the spindle axis.
  3. Checking the correct functioning of the spindle and possible correction.
  4. Checking the pilot's alignment and possible correction.
  5. Inspection of the remote control mounting system.
  6. Replacing the air filter in the electrical box.
  7. Checking, cleaning and lubricating the spindle head carriage.
  8. Check the oil level and top it up if necessary.
  9. Analysis of errors stored in the software.
  10. Checking the leveling of the machine with possible corrections.
  11. Checking the balancing of the centering system with possible corrections.
  12. Technical consultation with a service technician during the inspection.
  13. Checking the technical condition of the machine's tools.
  14. Battery health check.
During the inspection, the service technician will have various spare parts that he will be able to use for an additional fee in the event of any irregularities:

Download the Newen machine periodic inspection request form

All repairs of electronic and mechanical damage using original Newen parts.

Download the Newen machine repair request form

The training includes creating programs and operating the machine controls.

Commissioning includes assembling the computer, leveling the machine, and checking the prepared installations.

The modernization includes replacing engines, electronics and controls to the latest version currently produced by Newen.
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